Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number

Ben found a grey hair on my head last night. Instead of being terrified, here is a short list of women that make me excited about getting old.

1. My Mom..I once read an article about how to avoid looking like your mom as you age, and it made me angry. My mom is still super sexy, and I would be stoked to look like her in my 50’s.

2. Sue Johanson. I remember watching her late night  show, Talk Sex With Sue, in highschool.The woman is  hilarious, so up front and in your face. Seriously, she isn’t phased by anything, and I can only guess how old she is. I still love to watch clips from her old shows on Youtube. You get it, Sue…

3. Hannah showed me this woman,Mimi Kirk, on PETA had a contest of sexiest vegetarians over the age of fifty, and seriously, look how hot this woman is for a seventy year old!  Actually, I believe she turned 71 in September. Talk about an inspiration. She has been a vegetarian for forty years, so if I do my math right she started at thirty. This means that  if I am still a vegetarian (or vegan!) by the time I am seventy, I will be in even better shape since I already have a head start on her. She has seven grand-kids! Holy hot grandma….


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One Response to Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number

  1. seeohel says:

    Ah, Zo. I’m with ya. I’ve found more than a few grays in the last few months and the lines in Chris’s face are legit lines now. Might as well celebrate them. 🙂

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