Recession- The Ultimate Aphrodesiac

Here is a little sneak peak at the The Current’s January issue of Sex, or Something Like It. I put it up here for those of you who don’t have the luxery of being able to drop by Lynchburg College campus and pick up a hard copy of the paper.

When the nation is going through a period of recession, it’s a terrible time to attempt a plethora of things, including looking for a job, selling your house and joining the realm of the real world by graduating college (hello, student loans). However, a recession proves to be the perfect time for one thing: sex.

For a variety of reasons, when the economy plunges, condom sales soar. According to, condom sales rose a whopping six percent in 2009. One possible reason condoms seem to be recession proof is that people are choosing to spend their evenings nesting; they hibernate at home under the covers, as opposed to out at bars and pricey  restaurants. No matter the stability of our economy, people still want to connect and feel good and now more than ever they want to do it inexpensively. What better way then with a little lovin’. Also, during recessions, people are scared. As individuals stress over their jobs, rents and dwindling savings accounts, they may turn to sex to relieve some of the tension piling higher than the bills on their kitchen counters.

Of course, the most obvious explanation of the surplus of condom sales is that condoms are designed to prevent pregnancies (duh..) and it’s not such a smart idea to start a family in the middle of a recession. Couples all over the country, even those who are married, are taking extra precautions to keep the baby bumps out of their T-shirts and the maternity clothes on the rack at Target, because damn, diapers are expensive!

However, condoms are not the only pleasure product to maintain popularity during economic crisis. TG’s Lingerie, Lynchburg’s own (and only) novelty shop, has had such great business over the last few years that they have been able to renovate, expanding their shop to nearly double its size.  For Babeland, a popular swanky sex shop in New York, business has never been better. “Sales are up seven percent in the last months in stores and on the website compared to the last three months of last year,” confirms Babeland co-founder Claire Cavanah.

Whatever the reason, when a recession hits, people take to bed, because even if they are unemployed and living in their parents basements, at least they are getting some


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