My Very First Time…

Thanks for visiting SexyTofu. Here I go, my very first blog post!

I’m a pretty happy person. I like to write, read, cook, laugh and move move move. However, there are two things that make me the happiest and I find that they are directly correlated to one another: food and sex. No, I don’t mean I like to bring food into bed or get it on on the kitchen counter (hmm..),  I mean that both food and sex are two of the most primal, basic human needs. We need to eat and procreate in order to survive. Of course, it isn’t that simple.

I’m not an enthusiast of food and sex, I’m an enthusiast of good food and good sex, the kind that nourishes your body and mind, leaving you feeling happy,content and satisfied. Being a vegan, (don’t wrinkle your noses, people), I look to whole grains, vegetables and legumes to build my body into its strongest, healthiest, feel-good form. Likewise, I also look to sex to feel good, as well as build confidence, clear my mind and connect with myself, and my partner.


I’m a pretty open person, especially when it comes to my sex life. Maybe it’s because I grew up tagging along after my older brother and his group of hormonal friends. I’ve  always  been the one my friends come to with questions. It’s not because I’m more experienced than any of them, or even more adventurous. I’m just more open to sharing (sharing is caring, you know). Because of this, I began writing a monthly sex column called Sex, or Something Like It, in my college’s student-run paper, of which I am now the editor. It’s our most popular page. (Humble brag.)


Most people think of vegan food as bland, with the  taste and texture comparable to well-worn pencil erasers. This is false. The phrase ‘Sexytofu’ derives from my first ever tofu tryst. I’ve been a vegetarian since late middleschool/early highschool, and my mother, a certified chef, had been a vegetarian on and off for my entire life. Despite her most valiant efforts of cooking tofu for me(and trust me, she is an excellent chef), she still couldn’t get me anywhere near the stuff. I mean, just read the dictionary definition!

 Tofu (toh-foo), Noun.

– a soft, bland, white cheeselike food, high in protein content, made from curdled soybean milk

Seems pretty gross, ya? but it doesn’t have to be. The summer after my freshman year in college I got a job at a local vegetarian restaurant,  Health in a Hurry, owned by Sue Cadwell, a genuine goddess of a woman. . I tried her Sweet Ginger Tofu dish and never looked back. After returning to school in the fall, I recreated the dish for my veg-headed roomie, Hannah, who described it as ‘sensual’. We  began calling it Sweet Ginger Sex. SexyTofu was born.

I’m not sure how often I will be posting on here, but I hope you enjoy!


About SexyTofu

Good food. Good sex. Good fun.
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One Response to My Very First Time…

  1. Annie says:

    Yum on all accounts….
    How bout a recipe for that sexy ginger tofu recipe (with the chef’s permission of course)???

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